How Can I Help My Neighbor?


If you’re here it means you’ve recognized a real need in your community. That’s the first step. Sadly, lots of helping hands get lost at the second step: How and where can I help?

Event Thursday, April 22nd

We hosted an event at Crafted DIY Studio & Bar that featured JOLT Harm Reduction, a video from the Peoria Continuum of Care and a tutorial of our website. Thank you to everyone who attended and we’re proud to announce that as of last night we’ve raised $172 for JOLT Harm Reduction.

We were on the news!

We were on News 25 and Heart of Illinois ABC on April 20th. Click the button to check it out!

We were featured on CIProud on April 21st. Click the button to check it out!

Eager to help, but unsure of where to start? Start here at our guide of Peoria nonprofits accepting donations and volunteers.

Effective Donation

Sometimes our helping is actually hurting. What does it mean to effectively donate and volunteer? Check out our list of Do’s and Don’ts to ensure your resources are best utilized.

Our Partners

JOLT Foundation, our non-profit partner, is a harm reduction center which serves in the Peoria, Illinois community. They were established by Blake and Tamara Olt after the death of their son, Joshua Olt, from an accidental heroin overdose. As a harm reduction center, JOLT provides access to sterile needles and syringes, educates on Narcan distribution and overdose prevention, gives HIV and HCV testing, and has an outreach program for those struggling with addiction. JOLT’s mission is to provide comprehensive harm reduction services to address the negative consequences of drug use, including overdose and disease.

Crafted DIY Studio & Bar, our for-profit partner, was founded in 2019 by Jodie and Cliff Vieira. They understand the importance of community and are proud to be contributing to the growing scene in the Warehouse District. They are especially excited to give back to this community through Crafted’s Drink to Donate campaign. This campaign allows them to dedicate each month to a new, local, non-profit organization in which they donate a portion of their sales to.

MDV Agency

Founded in 2021 by three Bradley University Students who saw a gap between well meaning residents, and well informed nonprofits.

Do you have questions about our mission or want your organization featured on the site?

Email us at: howcanihelpmyneighbor

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